US Real Estate Distressed Debt Opportunities

Our partners have developed a proprietary analytics platform that enables efficient and timely sourcing, management, and disposition of entire portfolios of individually collateralized whole and partial loans. Moreover, they have an extensive network of sources, developed over the years, that provides them with unique contracts — many times, off-market instruments that are offered at pre-wholesale pricing, or re-valuation opportunities to purchase at sub-liquidation pricing. These come from banks, asset managers, and specialized investment communities that bring off-market products and FDIC-encouraged transactions that are heavily discounted — priced to sell quickly. Our partners' proprietary technology platform enables them to quickly and efficiently track the marketplace, qualify and prioritize the presented investment opportunities, and analyze and evaluate the opportunity — including both current valuation as well as near and long term exit strategies. Upon acquisition, they actively manage these assets and, within 30 to 180 days, find the marketplace players who are looking for opportunities to buy discounted notes. By establishing and applying asset-specific disposition strategies for profit maximization, they sell the purchased notes at a higher disposition value and enjoy the ensuing gains.

We know of no capital markets investor who presently possesses the experience, knowledge, systems, processes and trained human capital necessary to develop and successfully execute the kind of secondary market trading platform necessary to take full advantage of the opportunity presently offered in the marketplace. Through the application of their platform and unique expertise, our partners are able to provide clients not only with an accurate valuation of their assets, but also with a strategy for monetization, and an avenue for the execution of the asset disposition.

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